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Dec 6 '13

So here are all the photos I took from Monday to Wednesday of the last three days of archaeology stuff on that urban archaeology project I worked on in Alexandria. And yes, I am using my archaeology photo posts to bump up my selfie count. I mean, I really only managed to snap pics when we were done for the day so it’s not like I could take much else besides a pre-drive home selfie.

But anyway what I was doing on Monday and Tuesday was pretty much just screening as we expanded the two test units we had (on Monday we ran into an entire layer of concreted iron soooo yeah that took us a while) and Tuesday we hit the subsoil. So Wednesday was a shorter day of just cleaning the sides of the units for photographs and drawings of the profiles, which as the junior field tech meant I had writing, sign making, and refilling the units with all the soil we took out of them duty.

I’ve got another three day project I’m gonna be working on next week so I’ll try to get some actual archaeology photos instead of just more selfies while doing archaeology.

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